on a scale of fake pockets to nachos how good is your idea

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Car parked down the street over winter is pretty much the same car that was my first car and the same color.

Truth in graffiti

Fizzy pop

Graveyard in Amity, Oregon.

Family gravestone in Amity, Oregon.

Just in case I feel like wearing knee socks and still want people to I have tattoos on my legs?

Yes, a sea monkey slot machine.

Crossroad corvids.

Photo dump while I wait for my new phone to charge. This one is from Vegas. @kolesnick you are welcome.

Well, that’s a strange twist I haven’t seen before. This shit still comes to my address.

I don’t even know how it happened but we are caught up at the button shop. I’m waiting for my new phone to arrive, for about 3 order pick ups, the postal carrier pick up, a PBW zine volunteer, and possibly someone to drop some zines off.

Actually I do know how it happened. actorslashvampire has been helping me so much lately. Today is our Friday and once we do “our weekend” cleaning and finally getting all the zine symposium stuff cleared away I’m taking time off for all Stolen Sharpie all the time!

I’m still waiting to get the text done and to my editing folks before I start working on the kickstarter video. I have all the photos people have sent but I still don’t have a script or someone who might actually enjoy doing video editing to make it rad. The loose idea is a slide show of the photos of SSR people have sent me with some sort of voice over about the book and what it has done and what it will continue to do.

First things first.

clean the house

work on SSR all the time.

maybe there’s a zine tour after printing.