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So, we were stoked in May when we found out that the house across the street from our shop, Portland Button Works, was going to be renovated and the yard turned into another Portland food cart pod. For awhile I was taking daily photos of the the siding being pulled off, fence taken down, trees cut, yard flattened, busted ass garage being turned into an actual building, all the people milling around and not seeming to get a lot of work done, the (what we assume was) owner guy who would just come and stare at the progress, etc.

As the summer went on we were confounded at the slowness of progress. OK, we were also anxious about the new cart pod bringing new people into our area and possibly into the shop. At this point they aren’t going to be ready to open for 2 months or so with the slowness of the progress. Who open a cart pod in Portland in the winter? It’s going to be wet and miserable?

Anyway, that all went by the wayside when they put up the fake rock siding then someone spent about a week painting it. First it was painted with a rust color and a grey and it looked horrible. Then they covered it all up with grey/black and now it just looks like a soot covered mess from the industrial revolution. We can’t quite figure out what the intent was in the first place and if this is what it was supposed to look like, but we are going to keep observing until it gets fished.

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